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Sal Richards was born in Brooklyn, New York to a family who would ultimately pour the foundations for his successful career in show business. His father loved to make people laugh and often put on shows to entertain sick children at neighborhood hospitals. Unfortunately his father died at an early age when Sal was only 7 But the seed was already planted and Sal started at a young age doing shows in grammar school, and for the kids in the neighborhood .

Fortunately for he and his brother Joseph, a few years after the death of their father, Sal's Mother Josephine met a wonderful man, and they were married when Sal was 10. The best thing that could have happened to this family, the man Steve Massaro treated her as a queen and accepted Sal and Joseph as his own children, never calling them his step children always my sons. Then he and Josephine conceived two children of there own Steven Jr. and Deborah. Steve Jr. now works under the name Steve Diamond, a gifted singer, who often works with his brother Sal. In 1955 the family moved to Long Island where Sal finished High School at Port Jefferson High.  


At the age of 18, Sal became the lead singer for a singing group group called the Royal-Aires, (Baby Baby, Friendship Ring) This troupe often performed impromptu shows on street corners. As luck would have it the owner of Gallo Records, Lee Clarke happened to walk past while they were performing. He was so impressed he immediately offered them a recording contract.

Shortly after being signed, Sal had an experience that would forever change his life. He was scheduled to perform with his group at the Las Vegas Supper Club in Long Island NY. That evening however, the comic emcee was unable to perform and Sal was given the opportunity to fill in for the evenings show. His act went so well he was hired to be the house comic. That day marked the beginning of his remarkable career as a comedian.

Then he met the beautiful RoseAnn, they were married , and are still going strong today, not your typical long time married couple, it is as if they just met and do everything they did together for years. She stood behind him all the way, a staunch supporter, a rock through all the hard times.  They are inseparable. Then came Sal Jr.  and then Guy , two handsome sons. To Learn more about the family get the movie ( "Mr. Laughs A Look Behind The Curtain")  Available on 

Once he was seen by The Charles Rapp Agency at the Laurels Hotel in the Catskills, after his performance he was signed to a 20 show deal for the summer season. He worked his way up to headline status in a few short years and won The Mike Award  for Entertainer Of The Year. He still has a working relationship with the agency today, and Howie Rapp and Arnold Graham still handle some of his dates. 

All of a sudden he got what he always wanted, to appear at the Copacabana, he opened for Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. got a great review from Jose' from Variety. And he was on his way. To Vegas ,Corporate dates, Theatres etc. (See Resume)

With this career came critical acclaim and many significant honors, including being voted the “Entertainment Industry’s Hot Comic” by the prestigious New York Friars Club and “Entertainer Of The Year in Atlantic City”. The New York Daily News calls Sal Richards, “One of The Funniest Guys in Show Biz!” Cindy Adams of the New York Post said “Sal Richards Is Hilarious, a Must See!” Edward Jason of the Village Crier said, “Once You Have Seen Sal Richards, He’s sure to be One of Your Favorite Performers, He’s Pure Fun”. (See Critics Comments)

Sal has had various musical directors throughout his career, including Dave Gross, Sal Sicari, Steve Michaels and Mark Friedman. He occasionally uses Dave Gross, however Steve Michaels has been with Sal for over 20 years, and they have a bond that is unsurpassed in the business. "Steve is not only my conductor, he is family, without his guidance, I'd have no music in my act".  Mark Friedman has been with Sal for 10 years doing all of his Florida dates and cruise ships. Sal says " Mark is one of those guy's you can always count on, not only as a great musician but as a buddy.  All have different personalities, but Sal blends and loves them all.

Sal has expanded into many distinct areas of the entertainment industry. He is an accomplished actor appearing in such films as Rounders, Fighting Back and Love is All There Is, among others.  He co-starred with Steven Segal in the film Out for Justice. Sal just finished a cameo with Harvey Keitel in the soon to be released My Sexiest Year. His acting has also spanned into Television where he has appeared in programs such as, Law and Order Criminal Intent, Deadline, and had a starring role in the sitcom Bachelor Life. As well as an HBO Comedy Special,  Merv Griffin, Make Me Laugh, The Comedy Shop, Dean Martin Show, and recently did an episode of The Sopranos. While singing, acting, directing and writing has given Sal an outlet for his creativity, comedy remains his first love. 

He performs  at venues across the nation, giving hilarious performance after performance, bringing laughter into the lives of his countless fans. His Characterizations of famous singers is very funny.  Put Sal on your list of things to see!


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